Five reasons why you need SEO for your business website

Contributed by editor on Feb 20, 2020 - 11:35 PM

So you have a website for your local business. It says who you are, what you specialise in, and how your potential customers can get in contact with you. There’s not much else you need to do to your website, is there?  

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Chances are, there is - for instance, you need to check your site’s pages for search engine optimisation (SEO), so your customers can find you easier for any of the services and products that you could provide. If you’re not quite sure why this would be a benefit to you and your business, here are some of the top reasons why you should prioritise local SEO for your site.


You get more relevant customers


By using phrases for local SEO, when someone uses a keyword related to your business, then it’s clear that they are looking for someone with a specific service in an area; for instance, if someone uses the search term ‘dentist New York’, then they want to find a dentist who is in New York.

This means that it will most likely lead to higher conversion rates - which will lead to more sales for you. By using a local search term, too, you’re likely to get more customers.

If you’re not sure where to start, then look for SEO experts who can give you guidance on which keywords to use to improve your site. You could even use a search term like 'SEO Banbury' to find them in your local area.

More credibility and brand awareness


If your business website ranks for a keyword within an online search engine (e.g., Google), then you will benefit from its credibility. People trust results from these search engines, so this will be passed on to your business when you’re listed and found.

You create a better user experience


User experience is one of the important elements to consider [1] when aiming to achieve better rankings on search engines. Those such as Google want to make sure that users find relevant information, and with more than half of searches come from mobile devices, Google gives priority to sites that are mobile-friendly and easy to rank. You will need to make sure these elements are on your business website, which will also mean you offer a better user experience.

Adding citations will boost rankings


A business citation [2] in this instance is the publication of your company name, physical address and contact details online. This information will help to build directory listings of businesses and, by adding this information to your site, you will get more visibility for your brand. Customers prefer to look at a website that lists companies by location and business type, and citation has a role in that - it’s one of the top factors in being successful in local rankings.

More local exposure


One study by Forbes showed that 95% of smartphone users did local searches, with 59% visiting the business website and 61% going on to call them; about 70% called through the Google search results. This shows how important it is for local searches as a way to get potential sales.

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