How to Keep Your Office Clean and Tidy

Contributed by editor on Feb 21, 2020 - 04:20 PM

Let’s face it, we know that the office is a hotbed for germs. If one person gets sick, it seems as if everyone else soon follows suit.  

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Practicing good hygiene and keeping the office clean and tidy can help minimise bacteria and sickness, keeping your employees well. It can also improve morale as no one likes to work in a cluttered and dirty office space.

Have a schedule

There are small cleaning jobs but also larger ones that only need to be completed monthly or even every other month. Have a schedule in place so that you know what is being cleaned and when. For instance, have the carpets professionally cleaned by a commercial carpet cleaning Tamworth company once a month, but also hire cleaners to run a hoover across the carpet at least once a week.

Promote good desk hygiene

When work gets busy, it is easy for desks to become cluttered and messy. However, this type of overcrowding can lead to a build-up of mess that can easily become a hotbed of germs. Explain the benefits of having a tidy desk and ask all employees to keep on top of paperwork but also any food and drink they may have – anything that could go off needs to be put in the bin and not left to mould.

Have a supply of cleaning products such as antibacterial wipes so that employees can wipe their desks but also their keyboard and mouse. A quick wipe down at the end of the day can keep germs at bay. This is especially important if your workers are likely to eat at their desks.

Clean up any food messes

Whether you eat at your desk or in the breakroom, make sure your employees know that if anything gets spilt, they need to clean up after themselves. Leaving a mess is not only off-putting for anyone else looking to eat their lunch in peace, but it can leave stains and promote poor hygiene.

Put signs in place so that they remind employees to clean up after themselves. This could be reminding them to throw their rubbish in the bin or wiping down their dishes after they have been used.

Of course, if you have a cleaner and they wash up after your employees, still prevent dishes and cups being left around and ask them to be placed on the side by the sink.

Stock up on antibacterial hand sanitisers

Germs spread like wildfire in an office, so have a large supply of hand sanitisers available and distributed throughout the office. Place them in the bathrooms, by the kitchen sink, and in the breakroom. You could also purchase small handheld ones and give one to every employee so that they can keep their hands clean throughout the day when working at their desk.

Have enough litter bins

Each worker should have their own small litter bin, next to their desk. If this isn’t feasible, then you still need to ensure there is one within reach for all employees, whether it be people sharing one. You should also provide recycling bins.

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